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The Concerto window system is the perfect expression of our mastery and craftsmanship. A streamlined design combines with exceptional technical features to turn the Concerto window into a contemporary masterpiece.

Before the advent of Concerto, no air-tight window could offer consumers the guarantee of withstanding extreme winter cold and intense summer heat. OUR WINDOWS MANUFACTURED BY EXTREME WINDOWS AND ENTRANCE SYSTEMS, CONSISTENTLY PASS THE TEST THAT MATTERS WHEN IT’S -30°C OUTSIDE AND IT’S WARM AND COSY INSIDE.


Our Energy Saving Difference

Low-E Glass allows you to be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – saving on heating and air conditioning along the way. Low-E Glass is a series of virtually invisible layers of metallic coating inside the sealed unit that increases the insulating value of a double-glazed window. Low-E will also reduce the harmful effects of UV rays on your interior fabrics and finishes by up to 55%.

Argon Gas is a completely safe, naturally inert gas that can be pumped into the air space of the thermal pane. The lower thermal conduction and convection rates of Argon further increase the window insulating values. Include Argon Gas in combination with Low-E Glass for maximum benefit. Learn more about our energy ratings by visiting

Did you know?

The King penguins live in the southern hemisphere and spend up to 70% of their time at sea, resting on icebergs or drifting blocks of ice.

Experts estimate that if the temperature of our planet rises but just 2 degrees it could cause the extinction of 50% - 75% of the population of The King penguins.

Did you also know that by changing your windows to Extreme Energy Star qualified eco-windows, you can save up to 12% on your heating bill and contribute in reducing global warming.

Concerto windows made by Extreme Window & Entrance Systems are solid, elegant, and
provide great savings for your heating bills.

To learn more, visit Extreme Window & Entrance Systems web site.




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